100 Powerful Black History Women

African American History Workbook Curriculum Student Guided Research Creative Writing Prompts With Grades Tracker Sheets for Homeschool or Classroom Educational Book


This workbook list at least **100 Black Women** that have contributed to the African American & Black History society and culture around the world. This book teaches students that Black History is more than just about black women *during slavery*. This writing exercise book highlights amazing black women who were doctors, lawyers, inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs, etc., that a traditional history book likely will never mention. Although this book showcases mainly prominent women figures throughout history, students will also get a chance to research black women who are making an impact currently. This is a **guided research writing prompts** workbook. We provide the names and the student will be asked to fill in things like the historic figures early childhood and family background, career, relationships, special interests, etc. **This workbook features:** * At least 100 Black Women research writing pages * A multiple-choice research pop quiz * Grades tracker sheets to track grades if needed
This book is perfect for any student who is able to read and write – even adult students have found this workbook useful. This workbook is a perfect addition to your history curriculum. There are enough worksheet pages to last the entire 36 week school year or almost the entire year if the student is doing 1-3 research pages a week. **