June 7, 1990, a baby boy was born to Kalvin and Kim Hilliard. As their only child, he was surrounded by their love and care, and they did their best to shelter him from the woes of life. #FrontRowSeat details the moments they could no longer protect their son from – stories about what happens when life hits, and the downward spiral that life almost takes him down. #FrontRowSeat is my story told about me, by me. This is your up close and personal look into moments that shaped a 12-year-old adolescent boy into a 26-year-old man; moments that could have torn me down but were used as building blocks for a new foundation. #FrontRowSeat is a story of love, hate, joy, and heartbreak. These are poems about my walk with God, my battle with self, and my reconciliation with life. This is your ticket. This is your #FrontRowSeat.