“Side Chicks and Sugar Babies

Part 2


As if living the sugar baby life wasn’t enough drama, Lori, Fancy, Kristi, and Aja signed a deal with who they now know is the devil. Agreeing to be a part of a new hit reality show titled “Side Chicks & Sugar Babies”, these four women have exposed their lives in ways they never imagined, losing friends and loved ones, as well as themselves in the process. Now with the world watching and enjoying it, they are fighting back and working together to end their contracts with this production company once and for all. Finishing up what they hope is their final season on the show, these ladies have been taken on an emotional roller coaster ride full of lies, shocking betrayal, pain, deceit, and more. How will this all end? Will anyone have their happy ending? Will the wives of the sugar daddies win? Will the show ruin their lives? And most importantly, will they all make it out alive? **